Here at Cailleach Aussies, it is of the utmost importance to us that both our dogs and the families they live with are happy.

We interview prospective buyers carefully and Cailleach puppies are available to approved homes only. We ask a lot of questions about your home and lifestyle; we need to know whether or not a Cailleach puppy will be a good match for you. We don’t sell a product; we are finding a new home for a unique individual.

We stand behind our puppies. All puppies are sold with a contract, and we retain first right of refusal. We strive to place our puppies in homes where both the puppy and the people will be happy, but our puppies will always have a home with us. We will always take a puppy back if the placement doesn’t work out or circumstances change. (We know how that can happen.)

At Cailleach, we only breed animals with CERF and OFA certification, and that are healthy in mind and body. We believe in breeding the best puppies with each litter and we believe these puppies deserve only the best homes.

If you have a Cailleach puppy in your home and you’d like to keep up with what’s happening here at Cailleach and with Cailleach dogs elsewhere, you can join our new Cailleach Aussies Yahoo! Group. Brag about your puppy, share photos, ask training advice and grooming tips, and more.

If you're interested in purchasing a Cailleach puppy, please take a few moments to answer our Puppy Buyer Questionnaire and review our Purchase Contract.