Our Dogs

Here at Cailleach, we have more than our share of Aussies, every one of them a wonderful dog. When they’re not out dabbling in agility, honing their mantrailing skills, or keeping our ducks in line, they’re usually getting under foot in the kitchen or blocking us into the bathroom, hovering outside the closed door trying to make sure that we’re all right.

If you’d like to keep up with what’s going on with Cailleach dogs, both at Cailleach and elsewhere, you can join our Cailleach Aussies Yahoo! Group. Find out what other Cailleach Dogs are doing, and tell us about yours.

Or read about our aussies... 

But not all the canine residents here at Cailleach are aussies. Read more about the other dogs living under our roof, eating our food, and making our lives that much richer!

And whether they've gone on to win championships or provide family companionship, we always love to keep up with the lives of the dogs bred here at Cailleach

On rare occasion, Cailleach may have adult dogs available for rehoming. If you're looking for an adult dog, check our most recent updates on available dogs or email susan@cailleachaussies.com